Supporting the charities you want has never been easier, simply open a new tab and support charity!

Our extension redesigns your new tab page with the addition of gorgeous backgrounds and customizable quick links to increase efficiency. Then to support charity it adds three advertisements to your new tab. Now everytime you open a new tab, you automatically support a chairty. All with minimum effort.

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This is the easiest, simplest, and most effortless method of supporting charity. Not everyone can donate, or put the time to put in to volunteer for a good cause. However, with Charity Tabs, anyone can efforlessly support a good cause, simply by browsing the internet normally!
We donate 70% of the ad revenue to charity! Where does the other 30% go? Well, we spend it on marketing, development and hosting, employment, and legal and administrative costs. Although 30% not donates may seem like a lot, the largest other extension that does something similiar only provides 30% to charity.
Here at Charity Tab we try to be a transparent as possible. Every quarter we provide you with a document detailing revenues, donations and uses. As we have just recently launched the extension, we do not have any documents to provide yet, however, as soon as we do they will be posted on the financials page.

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